Brainwaves are small electrical vibrations, produced by your brain. An Electro-Encephalogramm (EEG) registers these vibrations through small sensors applied to the sides of the head.

The brainwave pattern can be divided into four subranges: Delta waves, Thêta waves, Alpha waves and Bêta waves. At any given moment all four types of brainwaves are present, but usually one type is dominant. The state your mind is in, is named after the dominant type of brainwave at that moment. 
Bêta waves (coloured red) represent normal consciousness during the day. In a healthy beta-state, you are alert and your attention directed to the world around you. Arguments are collected, problems are solved and critical considerations and decisions are made. With very dominant Bêta waves you can also be very tense and nervous or excessively concerned (an indication of stress). In this case memory works less than optimal and concentration problems can arise.

Alpha waves (coloured green) usually appear during relaxation, when you are feeling calm and balanced. The world around you loses its importance and you can easily drift away into your daydreams. In the relaxed Alpha atmosphere your ability to receive information increases and memory access improves. The Alpha waves increase when you close your eyes or focus on your inner mind. Alpha waves function as a bridge between the conscious and subconscious.

Thêta waves (coloured blue) increase when your attention is entirely focused on your inner mind. We experience the Thêta state for example when we sleep or dream. Thêta waves are involved with the processing, storing and remembering of experiences. They play an important role in peak experiences and creative inspiration. Often you are not consciously aware of these inner processes.

Delta waves (coloured purple) are mainly generated during dreamless sleep. The deeper you sleep, the lower frequency they have. In a Delta state you are usually not aware of your situation and your environment.

After extensive training with the Minsdsurfer, all brainwave patterns and their connected experiences are freely accessible to your attention and you are able to prolong a certain state for as long as you choose to.