Biofeedback presents users with realtime feedback on the state of their bodies and minds. One of the simplest methods is the measurement of the Galvanic Skin Response in combination with the heart rate. Although these two measurements can tell you a lot about the state you are in, The Mind Connection takes biofeedback one step further.

By using the technique of Neurofeedback, The MindSurfer gives you realtime information about the state your brain is in. The information that is constantly being gathered by EEG registration of your brainwaves is translated into images and sounds that influence your state of mind. In that way, a feedback loop is established. Your brain influences what you see and what you hear through the neurofeedback device and what you see and what you hear, influences your mind.

The way your brainwaves are translated into sounds and images is determined by the software you are running. Different programs have been developed to achieve different things. There are programs to relax, to focus, to wander. Everything is possible!