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With this programme you cannot only totally relax, you are also able to deepen your mental ability. This leads to an improved balance between rationality and emotionality and even your memory is intensified. If you get a grip on your own brainwave fluctations, you will learn how to regulate your own relaxation.

Esthéticienne (Dutch trade journal for the wellness branch)

The Mind Connection: company with a vision PDF Print E-mail
Many years of experimentation and private study resulted in the formal foundation of The Mind Connection in 1995. The four founders combined their expertise in hardware, software, multimedia content and communication to develop the MindSurfer, a professional biofeedback device taken out of its narrowing, strictly medical, context.

By taking a more creative approach, The Mind Connection discovered possibilities of biofeedback combined with multimedia, others could not even dream of! Immediately these exciting possibillities were transfomed into solid visual and auditory biofeedback experiences for home users.

Because of the popularity of the MindSurfer and the close relationship The Mind Connection underheld with its customers, the Research and Development division recieved a wealth of valuable user feedback. This feedback helped the MindSurfer evolve from a highly experimental device to what it is today, a garantee to experiences you never had before.

The same user feedback that led to the maturity of the currently available MindSurfer, fuelled the development of its successsor. This totally re-engineered MindSurfer is in the latest stages of its development and currently available to the business partners of The Mind Connection. It features a usb-connection, a sensor-helmet and a completely modular design, wich stimulates fast development of new applications. This modular design also facilitates easy interaction with existing platforms. Among the applications allready developped is a -still highly experimental- Second Life plugin!