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Curious about the inner workings of your mind?

With the aid of the latest developments in neuro-technology, The Mind Connection enables you to relax in a way, that is both pleasant and meaningful. You wander through mesmerizing audible and visual 3D worlds and perform tasks that are devised to help you reach the perfect state of mind.

Depending on the software package you are running, you can use the MindSurfer to relax, to focus, to refuel or just to travel through visually rich 3D worlds or enchanting soundscapes that represent your state of mind.

As you become more experienced in using the MindSurfer, you learn to gain full control over your mind and thus over your visual and audible experience.

If you're really serious about it, you can record your brain activity each session and have the progress you made analyzed and displayed in a graph.

If graphs are not to your liking, we have a game of Mind-Tetris in the making to test your mental powers!