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Part of the mission of The Mind Connection is to aid in the awakening of the mind of mankind. The MindSurfer eXPerience will help you to become aware of your mental potentials and to train your mind in a playfull way. You learn to direct your attention trough the spectrum of mental states and navigate to a state of awareness that is called the Awakened Mind.

The Awakened Mind is a Peak eXPerience and High Performance state of mind.
In this state all brainwave frequencies are active in a harmonious and balanced way. 
All mental states are accessible. Depending on the demands of a situation and your personal preferences, you can shift your attention to any desired state and stay there as long as you like.

Your shifting state of mind expresses itself in the shifts within your brainwave pattern. Historicaly the brainwave spectrum is divided in four frequency ranges from fast to slow waves (Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves). They relate to the four experience elements (Acting, Sensing, Dreaming and Being). Click on the corresponding menu items above or in the mandala to the right to find out more about them.