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The release of professional biofeedback technology to the broader public in the form of the MindSurfer Home Edition, has provided The Mind Connection with an unique position in the market.

By carefully acquiring user feedback from its customers and by initiating a direct dialogue with many of them, The Mind Connection was able to develop the MindSurfer with a focus on the experience of the user, that is unprecedented in the development of professional biofeedback technology.

The experience of the end-user, being a home-consumer or a hyperactive child, was more central than ever in the development of a totally new MindSurfer, currently only available to business partners of The Mind Connection. The new MindSurfer is completely re-engineered and features a sensor-helmet, a usb-connection, a modern look and much more. Its modular design allows for more flexibility in software development and deployment areas.

The MindSurfer is now much more open to existing platforms, such as online communities. The beta version of a Second Life plugin is already available. Though still highly experimental, it allows users to influence their surroundings and the objects they build in this online virtual 3D world, directly with their minds!

One of the first professional deployments of the new MindSurfer is as an aid in psychotherapy for children who suffer from ADHD. Custom software has been designed to train children in different skills. The psychotherapist decides, through an administration module that comes with the software, what skills are trained and in what way.